With how it feels i try to give an insight into what it feels like to live with a depression


Not for those who suffer from it, but for those around them.


It’s not easy when someone you love suffers from depression. When you don’t understand what somebody is going through, it’s hard to be there for them.


We believe the first step in being there for them,

is understanding what somebody is going through.  Because only through understand, can we create empathy.

To create the animations, I did interviews with people who have had experiences with depression.


Throughout the interviews I asked people to very specifically describe who they felt during this period. While they talked, I would create little sketches with paper, on which we could reflect. Through this process of cocreation we were able to create animations that are personal translations of the people I interviewed


All together these animations show the many ways in which depression can be experienced

How it feels was creates and developed by Aline Gerards


and is currently being developed in cooperation with GGzEi

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven

Photographs: Nicole Marnati


copyright 2019 Aline Gerards.

All rights reserved.